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COVID-19 GN Update - January 14, 2021

14 January 2021

COVID-19 GN Update - January 14, 2021

Premier’s update:

Good morning. There remains no new or active cases of COVID-19 in Nunavut. The total number of persons followed to date is 5999. There are 328 persons currently being followed.

I feel like a broken record these days, but I think I need to re-state some very important details, because I keep hearing misinformation, over and over:

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is safe.
  • There is no microchip or virus in the vaccine.
  • Only your health care provider can give you accurate information about whether or not you will have an allergic reaction.
  • I am getting the vaccine as soon as I can, and feel completely safe and confident about this decision.

We owe it to each other to keep our communities safe. Please protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Community members and community leaders, I’m asking for you to promote this vaccine and help people understand that it will protect us, safely.

I’m going to play a recording now from Diane Sammurtok from Arviat. She went on the community radio there last week to speak about why everyone should be vaccinated.

I want to warn everyone listening, that this could be a trigger and speaks to her husband’s death and his fight with COVID-19. If you are not comfortable, please don’t listen for the next 5 or so minutes.

I don’t share her words to scare you, I share them because her story is real, and I hope it saves lives. Thank you, Diane, for your courage.

Nunavummiut, let’s make informed decisions about the vaccine and look at facts, not fears. Please listen carefully and please make an appointment to be vaccinated when it’s your turn.



Chief Public Health Officer Update:

I would like to clarify the upcoming delivery schedule of the Moderna vaccine as new information has been confirmed. Deliveries of vaccine doses are expected today in Iqaluit and tomorrow in Rankin Inlet of 3000 doses each. Another 6000 doses are expected the week of February 1. That is in addition to the 6000 doses received in December. That means that by early February, Nunavut will have received 18,000 of the 37,500 doses of vaccine allocated to Nunavut.

We can now confirm additional clinic dates for Rankin Inlet, Whale Cove, Chesterfield Inlet and Baker Lake.

Rankin Inlet’s clinic will be held from January 18 to January 21 at the community hall.

Whale Cove will hold its clinic on January 19 and 20 at Inuglak School.

Chesterfield Inlet will hold its clinics on January 22 and January 23 at Victor Sammurtok School.

Baker Lake will be holding priority population clinics from January 25 to January 27 at Jonah Amitnaaq School. Priority populations include elders aged 65 and over and healthcare staff. Depending on available vaccine, the eligible populations for clinics in Baker Lake might be expanded.

Most clinics will be held from 9 a.m. to 8p.m. and appointments can be made by contacting your health centre. This information is also found on the GN’s website at

We have decided to focus the next round of clinics on the Kivalliq Region for a number of reasons. The Kivalliq region is more reliant on travel south for medical travel than the other two regions. This means that the risks of exposure to COVID-19 for Kivallirmiut or introducing COVID-19 into the region are higher. The Kivalliq Region has also had active COVID-19 outbreaks.

Since this is our last scheduled press conference for the time being, future clinic dates will be announced by Public Service Announcement, through social media, local radio and on the government’s website.

In closing, I would like to take a moment to let the communities of Gjoa Haven and Igloolik know that their second dose clinics will be February 1 and 2 in Igloolik and February 8 and 9 in Gjoa Haven. Again, I want to reassure everyone that the vaccine is safe and I encourage Igloolik and Gjoa Haven residents to take advantage of the second clinics to get vaccinated.

Thank you.


As part of the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) effort to protect Nunavummiut against the risk of COVID-19, GN Departments are implementing the following:

Department of Health Services

For all the latest information and resources about COVID-19 in Nunavut, go to:

For the latest information on current public health restrictions, go to:


Upcoming Community Vaccine Clinics

Elders’ Facility clinics in communities will be focused clinics with health staff going on site to administer the vaccine. Health staff will reach out to the Elder’s facilities directly for the vaccination times and dates.

Rankin Inlet

  • Location: Singiituq Complex Community Hall.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 18-21. 
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 15-18.
  • Time: 9 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-645-8070.

Iqaluit Public Health Clinic 1

  • Location: Iqaluit Public Health, building 1091.
  • Priority populations 65+ age group and shelter residents.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 18-22.
  • Date (2nd dose): Pending. 
  • Time: 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.
  • Clinic type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-975-4810.

Iqaluit Hospital Clinic 2

  • Location: QGH clinic side.
  • Priority populations 65+ age group and shelter residents.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 23.
  • Date (2nd dose): Pending. 
  • Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Clinic type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-975-4810.

Whale Cove

  • Location: Inuglak School.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 19-20.
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 15-16.
  • Time: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-896-9916.

Chesterfield Inlet

  • Location: Victor Sammurtok School.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 22-23.
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 19-20.
  • Time: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-898-9968.

Baker Lake

  • Location: Jonah Amitnaaq School.
  • Priority populations 65+ age group.
  • Date (1st Dose): January 25-27.
  • Time: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-793-2816.


  • Location: Iglulik High School. 
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 1-2.
  • Time: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: walk-in clinic.

Iqaluit Elder’s Home

  • Location: Elders Home.
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 3.

Gjoa Haven

  • Location: Qiqirtaq High School
  • Date (2nd Dose): February 8-9. 
  • Time: 8:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Clinic Type: by appointment.
  • Call 867-360-7441.


COVID-19 case status: Jan. 14

Total Tests Total confirmed cases Total active cases Total recovered cases Deaths Total persons followed Current persons followed Total vaccine doses administered
6477 266 0 265 1 5999 328 521

*Total vaccine administered is updated as regularly as possible, but might be lower than actual count.

COVID-19 community case statistics: Jan. 14

Community Confirmed COVID-19 cases yesterday Confirmed COVID-19 cases today Change in case count +/- from previous day Deaths Recovered Cases Total active cases
Arviat 222 222 0 1 221 0
Whale Cove 23 23 0 0 23 0
Rankin Inlet 19 19 0 0 19 0
Sanikiluaq 2 2 0 0 2 0
TOTAL  266 266 0 1 265 0

Testing stats to date per community: Jan. 14

Community Tests Positive Tests Negative
Arviat 222 1378
Whale Cove 23 294
Rankin Inlet 19 399
Sanikiluaq 2 202
TOTAL  266 2273

Isolation population: 

Traveler Type Guests in Isolation as of Jan. 13
Medical 290
Public  507
Construction 112
Total 929

Traveller repatriation summary:

Departure Date # of Travellers from Health Isolation Sites
Jan 14 2021 83
Jan 15 2021 24
Jan 16 2021 6
Jan 17 2021 10
Jan 18 2021 154
Total 281

Critical Worker Requests:

As of Jan. 13 there were 11010 requests, 5274 of which were critical worker requests.

Request Status # %
Approved (includes critical and non-critical) 7481 67.9%
Denied 297 2.7%
Pending 328 3.0%
Common Travel Area 2904 26.4%
Total 10939 100%

*Latest data is unavailable.


Department of Education Services

K-12 Schools

To date, the Department of Education has received 2,300 of the 3,000 internet-ready digital devices that were purchased with funding from the Government of Canada to support remote learning.

The department’s multi-phased plan for delivering digital devices to schools has begun.

In Phase 1, Grades 11 and 12 students and teachers are being prioritized.

  • Phase 1 delivery began in December 2020 and is continuing throughout January. A total of 1433 devices were delivered:
    • 246 devices to Kitikmeot.
    • 618 devices to Kivalliq.
    • 569 devices to Qikiqtani (except for Iqaluit, which will be done separately).
  • In Phase 2, Grade 10 students and teachers will be prioritized. 
    • Phase 2 delivery will begin in early February and the department plans to deliver approximately 926 devices across the territory.



Nunavummiut’s health is our shared responsibility! Remember: wash your hands and surfaces, practice social distancing, listen to the advice of health officials, and stay home if you’re sick.