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Government of Nunavut website restored

15 September 2023

Public Service Announcement
Government of Nunavut website restored

The Government of Nunavut’s website is now back online for most users after an outage most of yesterday, September 14.

The website has been and continues to be the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) campaign. Bot farms in several countries are pointing great amounts of traffic at our site. We have implemented a solution called Cloudflare to block bots and ensure real people can visit the site.

There is no risk to personal or public information. The website server is not connected to the GN network. No other GN services were affected by this outage.

Some users may encounter delays in loading the site as the system is set up to test whether visitors are real people or not.

The Government of Nunavut continues to monitor the situation.


Media Contact:

Casey Lessard
Director, Communications
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
867-975-6004 / 867-223-0422