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Passengers and goods flowing to and from Kitikmeot

22 August 2023

Public Service Announcement
Passengers and goods flowing to and from Kitikmeot

The Government of Nunavut continues to monitor the effects of wildfires in the Northwest Territories on Nunavut residents, Nunavut communities, and government operations, especially in the wake of the evacuation of Yellowknife.

Government departments remain in regular contact with the airlines, particularly medical travel supplier Canadian North, and the major grocery retailers.

Based on these discussions, government officials are confident services to the Kitikmeot are stable, with any disruptions expected to be short-term and not severe.

Community stores expect to maintain normal stock levels, so residents can expect to be able to continue their usual shopping habits.

To maintain connections with Kitikmeot communities, airlines started rerouting passengers and cargo this week through other transportation hubs, including Inuvik and Iqaluit.

Commercial flights are operating in the region on a new schedule with limited space. Medical travel teams are working to book medical travellers displaced from Yellowknife on commercial flights and home as quickly as possible.


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Casey Lessard
Director, Communications
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs