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Premier Akeeagok welcomes new monarch, King Charles

10 September 2022

Coronation Message

Premier Akeeagok welcomes new monarch, King Charles

Premier P.J. Akeeagok shared today, his Coronation message for King Charles III:

On this day, I want to express my congratulations on becoming the new monarch and Canada’s new sovereign. The work you have stepped into over the years has prepared you for this role in many ways. We are hopeful in the new leadership you will bring to the Commonwealth.

Over the past few days, I have been reminded of your first visit to Canada in 1970. I am proud that Nunavut, at the time Northwest Territories, was your first step on Canadian soil. I hope that your effort to listen and learn from Canada’s Indigenous people continues and that reconciliation is something that remains a priority for you.”


P.J. Akeeagok

Premier of Nunavut