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Labour Market Agreements

Labour market funding agreements with the Government of Canada (GoC) support the suite of labour market programs and services offered in Nunavut.  These agreements ensure that a greater number of Nunavummiut than would be possible with GN funding alone can access training and education, further their employment goals and overcome barriers to participation in the labour market.


Currently, the Government of Nunavut holds three labour market agreements with the GoC:


1.  The Canada-Nunavut Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA) enables Nunavut to offer labour market development programs to Employment Insurance (EI) eligible clients in the territory so they may obtain and maintain employment. The LMDA was signed in 2000.


LMDA funds provide:

  • skills development through our Adult Learning and Training Supports (ALTS) program;
  • work experience through our Training on the Job (TOJ) program;
  • labour force participation and job readiness through Employment Assistance Services (EAS);
  • entrepreneurship through our new Nunavut Entrepreneurship Initiative (NEI) program and training through our Targeted Training Initiatives (TTI) program.


2.  The Canada-Nunavut Job Fund Agreement (CNJF) offers two distinct training options.


The Canada-Nunavut Job Grant aims to encourage greater employer involvement in training. CNJG focuses on skills development by offering employers a training grant for their employees to participate in training that will lead to a better job with increased salary within the organization.


CNJF funds also support training initiatives and programs and services for individuals who are both EI and non-EI eligible:

  • The CNJG was signed in 2014 and replaces the previous Canada-Nunavut Labour Market Agreement (LMA).


3.  The Canada-Nunavut Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities (LMAPD) aims to improve the employment outcomes of persons with disabilities in Nunavut. The LMAPD was signed in 2014.


Three objectives are attached to this agreement. These include:

  • Enhancing the employability of persons with disabilities;
  • Increasing the employment opportunities available to persons with disabilities, by better addressing employer needs, and;
  • Demonstrating the best possible results for Canadians on these investments as evidenced by increased labour market participation of persons with disabilities.


Individuals can access funding through our other program initiatives, provided they self-identify as a person with a disability. Organizations interested in accessing funds to deliver programs targeting individuals who are Persons with Disabilities under the LMAPD may consult our Targeted Training Initiatives (TTI) program.


If you want more information on our labour market agreements, or wish to read our annual plans and annual reports, please see below.


Labour Market Agreements:


Nunavut LMA_LMDA 2011_12 Annual Plan

Nunavut LMA_LMDA 2010-11 Annual Plan

Nunavut LMA - Annex 1-Multi Year Plan


Canada-Nunavut Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA)

Canada-Nunavut Job Fund Agreement (CNJF)

Canada-Nunavut Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities (LMAPD)


Labour Market Agreement Annual Plans




Labour Market Agreement Annual Reports