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Income Assistance Reforms

23 June 2017 

Public Service Announcement

Income Assistance Reforms

The Department of Family Services is pleased to announce improvements to the Income Assistance Program. The first phase of reforms to the Income Assistance Program will come into effect on July 1, 2017.

The benefits affected by these improvements include:

  •  Liquid Asset Exemption: allows clients to save some money, such as money in a bank account, and still qualify for income assistance.
  •  Earned Income Exemption: clients will be able to earn more money, for example through a part-time job, and continue to qualify for income assistance benefits.
  •  Disabilities Allowance: eligible clients living with disabilities will receive an increase to their disability allowance, which responds to the high costs faced by persons with disabilities.

These improvements will help support Income Assistance clients in becoming more self-reliant by encouraging people to earn and save more money. The increase to the disability allowance will better support persons with disabilities.

For more information, please contact your local Income Assistance Worker


Media Contact:

Megan Blair
Communications Specialist
Department of Family Services
(867) 975-5250