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National Child Benefit Supplement exemption

01 April 2016

News Release 

National Child Benefit Supplement exemption 

IQALUIT, Nunavut (April 1, 2016) – Effective April 1, 2016, the income that families receive from the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) is now exempt from the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) Social Assistance program calculations. 

The NCBS is a federal benefit paid to low-income families with children. Previously, the GN considered the NCBS as income, which decreased the amount a family was eligible to receive in monthly social assistance payments. 

“This positive change ensures that Nunavut’s low-income families receive the full value of this important federal program,” said the Honourable George Kuksuk, Minister of Family Services. “My Department is committed to ensuring that Nunavut’s Social Assistance program supports those who need it most. With the new NCBS exemption, our government increases the financial support it can provide to families, further supporting opportunities for recipients and their children to grow and succeed in their communities.” 

The Department of Family Services expects the exemption to impact approximately 2500 families, providing low-income families with up to $6.8 million additional dollars in social assistance this fiscal year. A family with one child can receive up to $190 more in social assistance per month; a family with two children can receive up to $358 more per month; and for each additional child thereafter, a family can receive an extra $160 per month. 

This initiative is part of the GN’s ongoing commitment to review and reform the Social Assistance program to better meet the needs of Nunavummiut under Sivumut Abluqta. 


Media Contact: 

Jade Owen 
Communications Specialist 
Department of Family Services