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Yearly income tax returns for Income Assistance recipients

16 February 2018

Public Service Announcement

Yearly income tax returns for Income Assistance recipients

If you are receiving Income Assistance, you must file your income tax return to ensure you receive benefits you might be entitled to, like the Canada Child Benefit, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Senior Citizens Supplementary Benefit, and the Goods and Services Tax.

Income Assistance benefits may be denied if you do not file a 2017 income tax return or if you miss your scheduled monthly appointments with an income assistance worker.

To determine initial and continued eligibility for Income Assistance benefits, you must:

1. file an income tax return by April 30, 2018;
2. provide a copy of your 2017 income tax return (Head of Household and Spouse) to the income assistance worker at your next appointment;
3. declare any income tax refunds received, such as an income tax refund; and
4. attend your scheduled monthly appointments, even if you received an income tax refund. If you miss your scheduled appointment, you may not be eligible for Income Assistance benefits.

Please contact your local income assistance worker if you have any questions about filing your income tax return.


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