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Apprenticeship Act Review


The Department of Family Services’ Career Development Division supports skilled trades workers and apprentices on their way to becoming certified journeypersons through the administration of the Nunavut Apprenticeship System.

Nunavut’s Apprenticeship, Trade and Occupations Certification Act (the “Act”) has yet to be fully updated since it was first enacted as Northwest Territories law in 1988. With the territory’s growing population and economy, it is widely agreed that improvements are needed in the current system. As part of the work to improve the system, the Act will be updated.

Public and employer consultations will take place in communities across the territory in Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 in order to collect views on how to update the Act. These consultations will help determine a Nunavut vision of a modern apprenticeship, trades training and occupation system.



  1. If you were an apprentice, and you could not take classroom training in your community, what would make it easier to travel to Alberta or Rankin Inlet to do eight weeks of classroom training?


  2. In order to learn a trade successfully, you need to have minimum levels of English, Math and Science. If classes in English, Math or Science were offered in your community, would you like half days, full days, or evening classes?


  3. If there were courses to learn more about the trades available through your phone or tablet, would you use them?


  4. What do you think is a living monthly wage in your community to support a household of 5 or more persons?


  5. If you were having difficulties with on-the-job and/or classroom training, what would help you overcome them?


  6. Some people like working in the trades because they can build things, use their hands, work outdoors, and because it pays well. Why do you think you might work in the trades?


  7. Do you think it could be helpful to prepare for a career in the trades in high school?


  8. If you or your child would want to learn the skilled trades, who do you think you would go to in your community to get more information?


  9. If there were certificates available for occupations like Building Trades Helper, Water and Wastewater Operator, Community Meat Cutter, Security Guard and Airport Worker, would you be interested in getting a certification?



Thank you for your interest in this consultation. Your voice is very important to ensure that the updated Nunavut Apprenticeship, Trades and Occupations Certification Act will meet the needs of Nunavummiut.

Anyone can make a submission. You may respond to the questions above or provide any comments related to apprenticeship, trades and occupations certification in Nunavut.


Submissions may be e-mailed to:


You can leave voicemail comments at the Apprenticeship Act Review Toll-Free Line:



Submissions can be mailed to:

Career Development Division
Department of Family Services
c/o Andrew Wong
Box 1000, Station 1260
Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0


Submissions may be faxed to:

(867) 975-5253


Community Consultation Schedule


Baker Lake – January 29, 2020
Consultation Completed

Rankin Inlet – February 3-7, 2020
Consultation Completed

Arviat – September 30, 2020 (7pm)
Community Hall, John Ollie Complex



Pangnirtung – October 7-11, 2019
Consultation Completed

Clyde River – March 4, 2020
Consultation completed

Iqaluit – September 15, 2020 (7pm)
Frobisher Inn, Koojeesee Room



Cambridge Bay – November 25-29, 2019
Consultation Completed


Contact Name: 
Andrew Wong