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About the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Board

The Nunavut Liquor Act regulates all activities relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol.

The Liquor Licensing Board is established by Part I of the Act. The Board is responsible for issuing all liquor licences and for ensuring that licence holders maintain and operate their licensed premises in accordance with the law. The Board is also authorized to issue special occasion permits (SOPs).

The appointment of liquor inspectors to enforce liquor legislation is also provided for in Part I of the Act. When liquor inspectors find contraventions of the Liquor Act occurring in licensed premises, they can report these contraventions to the Board. The Board then holds a hearing to determine whether in fact a contravention occurred and, if so, what consequences should follow. The consequences can range from fines, to suspension or cancellation of the licence, depending on the circumstances.

The Liquor Commission is established by Part II of the Act. The Liquor Commission is responsible for purchasing, selling, classifying and distributing liquor in Nunavut. All liquor licence holders and permit holders are required to purchase the alcohol they sell from the Liquor Commission, unless the Board authorizes them to purchase alcohol from elsewhere.

The rules relating to the consumption of alcohol and the operation of licensed premises, as well as offences and penalties for contravention of the Liquor Act, are set out in Part III of the Act.

The Board functions under the Liquor Act as an independent quasi-judicial tribunal. It makes its decisions as to whether to approve applications for licences or SOPs based on the legislation and the rule of law. It functions in accordance with the rules of natural justice, providing licence holders a fair hearing before concluding whether a licence holder is guilty of a contravention of the Liquor Act or the Liquor Regulations.

The Board is accountable to the Minister appointed to be responsible for it.

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