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Forms and Publications

Legislation and Regulations

Nunavut’s Insurance Act and related regulations govern the business of insurance in Nunavut.

Insurance Act
Insurance Regulations
Uninsured Automobile Coverage Regulations
Designation of Compensation Association Order Regulations


The Superintendent keeps a record of all insurers, agents, brokers and others who we license to do business in Nunavut. This record is open to the public. If you would like to learn more, please contact

Annual Reports

Each year, the Superintendent prepares a report for the Minister of Finance that describes the conduct of insurance in Nunavut. The Minister has chosen to release these reports to the public.

Guides and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nunavut’s Filing Requirements for Insurers (January 2015)
Insurance Agent Licence Application and Renewal Guide (September 2014)

Forms and Schedules

Fee Schedule
Form CC - Credit Card Authorization
Form 1 - Insurance Premium Tax
Form 2 - Power of Attorney
Form 3 - Insurer Licence Application
Form 5 - Application for Salesperson Licence
Form 7 - Insurance Adjuster Application
Form 7R - Insurance Adjuster Renewal 
Form 9 & 9A - Initial and Renewal Application for an Insurance Agent's Licence
Form 9X - Termination of Agency 
Form DSA - Designation of Signing Authority