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Our Priorities


Turaaqtavut is the vision of all 22 members of Nunavut’s 5th Legislative Assembly. It is the document that will guide the Government of Nunavut’s work until 2021, and one that reflects the needs and priorities of our territory.

Departmental Priorities by Branch

As part of our work to advance Turaaqtavut, and in addition to the many day-to-day roles we play, the Department of Finance has identified the goals below to work towards in 2020-21 through our departmental business plan. You can download the GN’s full 2020-21 Business Plan here.


Summary of Departmental Business Priorities
Department of Finance 2021-22

Corporate Management

  • Work to put an increased focus on integrating Inuit Societal Values into the department’s culture and operations.
  • Continue the review of the Liquor Act and make recommendations for potential changes if necessary.
  • Conduct a review to identify impacts of the Iqaluit’s beer and wine store on nearby communities.
  • Monitor the implementation of the Cannabis Act and associated policies and regulations, to ensure the effectiveness of the sales, enforcement, and licensing regimes.
  • Create and update training tools and resources to ensure liquor and cannabis inspectors are supported in their role and duties.
  • Update the Department of Finance website to enhance Government of Nunavut transparency and accountability and make it more user friendly.
  • Formalize the establishment of an officials committee with representation from all territorial corporations, in order to benefit from best practices and lessons learned across agencies. 

Fiscal Management

  • Undertake an assessment of the Territorial Formula Financing calculation to ensure that, consistent with Finance Canada’s August 2019 commitment, carbon pricing has remained revenue neutral.
  • Set targets and monitor key performance indicators to track progress towards meeting fiscal management objectives of the department and update service standards as needed.
  • Modernize the Government of Nunavut’s tax database and related technology.
  • Prepare and publish new products related to Nunavut’s fiscal, budgetary, economic, and/or financial situation (e.g. a mid-year fiscal update).
  • As recommended by the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, consider gender violence and related issues during the GN’s budget development process.



  • Develop, document, and clarify key performance indicators and service standards for financial functions within the Department of Finance.
  • Implement a program to support professional financial and accounting designations for new and existing employees across government.
  • Develop a strategy with all departments to ensure a more expedient vendor payment process.
  • Develop a detailed orientation manual for on-boarding new employees to the department.
  • Explore potential options for an electronic signature system for the Government of Nunavut.