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Iqaluit beer and wine store officially opens

06 September 2017 

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Iqaluit beer and wine store officially opens

IQALUIT, Nunavut (September 6, 2017) – Minister of Finance Keith Peterson officially opened the Iqaluit beer and wine store today.

"The Government of Nunavut has opened a government-regulated store that will sell beer and wine at affordable prices to target bootlegging, reduce binge drinking and encourage people to drink responsibly," said Minister Peterson. "This pilot project, which was voted on by Iqaluit residents, is one of the steps we are taking to reduce alcohol-related harm in Nunavut."

The 2012 Nunavut Liquor Act Review Task Force’s final report, Halting the Harm, indicated that Nunavummiut want the government to look at new ways to address the alcohol issue in Nunavut. One of the key recommendations was to open government-regulated beer and wine stores. In a plebiscite held on April 20, 2015, residents of Iqaluit voted overwhelmingly in favour of opening a beer and wine store in their community. The government’s decision is in line with that plebiscite result, and comes after productive consultations with the community.

The Iqaluit Beer and Wine Store is a 1,200 square foot addition to the existing Nunavut Liquor Commission’s distribution warehouse. It is the first walk-in retail beer and wine store in the territory, and it will be open Tuesdays to Saturdays from noon until 7 p.m.


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Denise Grandmaison
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