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T5007 Tax Slips

11 February 2019

Public Service Announcement

T5007 Tax Slips

If you have received social assistance or senior citizens supplementary benefits, your 2018 T5007 tax slips will be mailed out starting the week of February 11, 2019.
These tax slips are used to report the amount of benefits you received from last year’s social assistance or senior citizens supplementary benefits. The T5007 tax slips are issued to the head of the household and will be mailed to the last known address on your file.

If you received $500 or less in 2018, you will not be issued a T5007 tax slip. You are still required to report your social assistance payments or your senior citizens supplementary benefits on your tax return, as per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Completing your income tax is important and ensures that you receive the benefits you qualify for such as the Canada Child Benefit, GST, the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement, Nunavut’s Senior Citizens Supplementary Benefit.

If you have any questions about your T5007 tax slip, please contact your community income support worker.


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