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Extended Health Benefits (EHB) Medical Travel Support

All Nunavut residents who have exhausted their third-party insurance or have no medical travel benefits, including Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) may be eligible for the Extended Health Benefits (EHB) for Medical Travel Support.

EHB Medical Travel Support may provide coverage for client and client escort expenses such as:

  • Flight co-payment specified under the Medical Travel Policy
  • Taxi fare or ground transportation between person’s accommodation, health facilities and the airport
  • Ambulatory charges for transferring the client from one facility to another
  • Stay in private or commercial accommodations
  • Meals for stay in private accommodations
  • Long-term care plan, indicated prior to or after start of medical trip

Select conditions may apply.



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Contact our EHB team for more information:

Nunavut Health Insurance Programs Office
Department of Health
Box 889
Rankin Inlet, NU
X0C 0G0

ph: (867) 645-8029 | email: 

fax: (867) 645-8092 | toll-free: (800) 661-0833