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Memorandum of Understanding - Manitoba

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut have a strong record of co-operation and wish to strengthen that co-operation with emphasis on key priorities;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut share the mutual goals of expanding economic development and employment opportunities throughout their respective jurisdictions;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut share similar interests relating to the well-being of their citizens and delivery of services to their populations;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut together form a critical trade and transportation link between the Arctic and the rest of North America and the world;

WHEREAS connecting Nunavut to the National Highways System is important for the economic and social development of the North;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut have shared expertise and input for the joint development and promotion of our regions as tourist destinations;

WHEREAS the efficient use of energy in the North is critical for the preservation and protection of an environment susceptible to the effects of climate change;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut have reviewed previous Memoranda and related initiatives and have mutually identified current priorities that require a focussed approach to achieve practical outcomes;

WHEREAS Manitoba and Nunavut have signed five previous Memoranda of Understanding on areas of mutual benefit; and

THEREFORE, Manitoba and Nunavut have consented to undertake the following:

Please see document for the remainder of the MOU.