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Infection Prevention and Control


Infection prevention and control strategies limit the spread of harmful organisms that can cause infections in patients and the care providers.

These strategies are to be considered in all stages of health care in Nunavut communities health settings. These apply to housekeeping of the building and cleaning of equipment through to the direct care, examination and treatment of the patients and residents.

The manuals included on this webpage are resources for health care providers and those who support the delivery of health care in Nunavut communities.

The IPAC Manual focuses on clean hands, clean equipment, clean environment, client education as well as healthy workers and care providers.

The Housekeeping Procedures Manual provides pictorial step-by-step instructions on cleaning equipment, rooms and other spaces typically found in a community health facility.


Infection Prevention and Control Manual:

Infection Prevention and Control Manual - combined pdfs

1. Scope of Document
2. Guiding Principles in Infection Prevention and Control
3. Chain of Infection
4. Modes of Transmission
5. Routine Practices
6. Respiratory Etiquette
7. Additional Precautions
8. Healthy Health Care Workers
9. Personal Protective Equipment
10. Respiratory Protection Program
11. Housekeeping and Laundry
12. Safe Handling of Sharps
13. Biomedical waste
14. Handling Laboratory Specimens
15. Reprocessing and Sterilizing of Medical Equipment
16. Infections with Special Considerations
17. Post Exposure Follow-up
18. Water Restriction
19. Visitors
20. Care of the Deceased
21. Surveillance
22. Glossary of Terms
23. Resource List

Cleaning Instructions for Home oxygen equipment