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Reports and Documents

Executive Summary - Summary Report Addictions and Trauma Treatment in Nunavut

Resiliency Within: An action plan for suicide prevention in Nunavut 2016/2017

A Journey Through Heartache: External review respecting the Government of Nunavut
actions regarding the death of Baby Makibi, Cape Dorset, 2012

Report to Recommendations of the Standing Committee on Oversight of Government Operations and Public Accounts

Tobacco Reduction Framework for Action

Consultations on Cannabis Legalization in Nunavut - What We Heard 

Terminology on Human Anatomy Glossary

Health Report 2016-2017

Mental Health Act Review-What we Heard from Nunavummiut - EN 

Inuusivut Anninaqtuq Midterm Progress Report

Model of Care

Model of Care Redesign for Nunavut: a report in brief

Model of Care Report Frequently asked questions

THIF Annual Activity Report

2014-15 Pan THIF Annual Activity Report

2014-15 THIF CD Annual Activity Report 

2014-15 THIF Medical Travel Annual Activity Report

2014-15 THIF Mental Health Annual Activity Report

2014-15 THIF Oral Health Annual Activity Report 

Tobacco Control Report

Tobacco Control and Smoke-Free Places Act Review: What We Heard from Nunavummiut - 2020

2011-12 Tobacco Control Act Annual Report

2019-20 Tobacco Control Act Annual Report

2012-13 Tobacco Control Act

2013-2014 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

2014-2015 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

2015-2016 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

2016-2017 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

2017-2018 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

2018-2019 CMOH Tobacco Control Report 

Medical Care Act Annual Report

Medical Care Act Annual Report - 2012-2013

2013-2014 Medical Care Act Annual Report

2014-2015 Medical Care Act Annual Report

2015-2016 Medical Care Act Annual Report

2016-2017 Medical Care Act Annual Report

2017 -2018  Medical Care Act Annual Report

2018 - 2019 Medical Care Act Annual Report