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Travelling outside of Canada

The Department of Health advises that you should consider purchasing travel insurance prior to leaving Canada for vacation or extended periods when you are planning to be out of the country.

It is advisable to contact the Nunavut Health Care Registrations Office, 1-800-661-0833, of your travel plans if you are planning to be out of the territory or country for more than six months.

The Nunavut Health Care Plan covers limited costs for emergency health services based on the Nunavut physician fee schedule and approved Nunavut hospital reciprocal rates.  Ground and air ambulance charges are not covered.

Here is an example of an out-of-country reimbursement* if you were to travel to the United States and require health care:



 Emergency outpatient visit US   $1700.00  
 Nunavut will reimburse                                     $ 287.00

 Emergency physician visit

 while in the United States  

$ 300.00
Nunavut fee schedule  $  90.60


Please submit any receipts or invoices to the Nunavut Health Insurance Programs for consideration to:

                Nunavut Health Insurance Programs Office
                Department of Health
                Box 889
                Rankin Inlet, NU
                X0C 0G0

                Phone: (867) 645-8001
                Fax: (867) 645-8092
                Toll Free: (800) 661-0833


*American health care costs fluctuate, and the reimbursement you may receive from the Government of Nunavut could also change.