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Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2018

30 November 2018

Public Service Announcement

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2018

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week is December 1 to 5, 2018. Help reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by talking about prevention! Getting tested to know your status will protect you, your partner(s), and your communities.

Current rates of HIV/AIDS are very low in Nunavut. The past few years have seen positive changes for people diagnosed with HIV. With new treatments available, HIV patients are now living longer. These treatments also reduce the risks of HIV transmission.

There are three things Nunavummiut can do to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs:

  • 1) Talk about sexuality, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and other STIs to help reduce stigma, fear and shame.
  • 2) Use condoms. Condoms and lubricants are free at health centres and other community locations in Nunavut.
  • 3) Get tested for HIV, syphilis, and other STIs before having sex with a new partner, if you or your partner(s) had sex with someone other than each other, and if you have symptoms like unusual tiredness, painless sores or discharge from the penis or vagina. Get tested even if you’ve used a condom.

The Department of Health has resources available to help Nunavummiut talk with their partners, health care providers, and children about healthy relationships, sexuality, safer sex, sexual consent, and STI prevention and testing.

For more information on sexual health and HIV/AIDS, visit your health center or 


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