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Department of Health Q&A - November 4, 7 p.m. update

05 November 2019

Department of Health Q&A 

Will there be any service disruption? 

• Currently, services are proceeding as usual. There will be delays as health workers revert to a paper-based system until network services are restored. 
• Patients are asked to help expedite service delivery by bringing their health care cards and medications for all health care visits. 


Medical Travel 

• Additional staff was brought on to help process medical travel requests. Medical Travel will continue to facilitate individuals’ care in appropriate and timely fashion. 
• If you experience any concerns please call the numbers that are listed online at 


Patient Relations: 

Anyone with patient concerns or comments can continue to contact Toll Free 1-855-438-3003. 


Can people still come for x-ray and lab tests?

• Yes. 


Will the process change for medical escort approvals? 

• The process for medical escorts will remained unchanged. 


Are the hospital and health centres open? 

• Yes all medical services across the territory are still being provided. 


Are Telehealth Services available? 

• Telehealth services are currently unavailable. 
• All previously scheduled telehealth appointments will be rescheduled. 

If needed, appointments will be redirected to alternate services providers. 


Will there be any disruptions to the delivery pharmacy/medications in the communities? 

• No. 


Is my personal information compromised? 

• No. Typically, ransomware does not distribute information to other parties and cannot access the content itself. It can only block the user from further accessing the information. 


How are you communicating with health partners and clients outside of Iqaluit? 

• We have implemented contingency procedures to ensure consistent communication. 
• We are in daily contact through meetings and close communications to manage any issues that may arise. We have implemented contingency procedures to ensure consistent communication. 


Will scheduled surgeries be affected? 

• No 


How do submit my NIHB payment? 

• NIHB processes will, like other services, be using a paper-based system. Although there will be no disruptions to the services, there might be delays. 


Was the health department prepared to deal with this type of situation? 

• Yes. We have multiple contingency plans and emergency preparedness procedures for the health care system that address events such as this. All our health care teams are engaged and working hard to mitigate the impacts. 


Do you have enough staff to handle the increased workload? 

• We are monitoring the situation closely and staff has been reallocated to critical areas. 



• Restoring Meditech is one of GNs first priorities.