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Discoloured water in Rankin Inlet

25 May 2018 

Public Service Announcement

Discoloured water in Rankin Inlet

The Department of Community and Government Services (CGS) is currently working closely with the Department of Health regarding the discoloured water in Rankin Inlet. Residents are advised that there are no health concerns with the water, and it is safe to drink.

Discoloured water is often the result of a change in the system’s water flow. If you notice discoloured water in your household or place of business, you should run your cold water tap until the water becomes clear.

CGS is committed to supporting municipalities in the delivery of safe, healthy water services, and regularly performs water quality tests. Results are reviewed with the Department of Health to ensure water quality is always suitable for consumption.

CGS is also reviewing Rankin Inlet’s water infrastructure. Planning studies are underway to determine options to meet the community’s growing water needs.


Media Contact:

Kris Mullaly
Policy Analyst/Communications Officer
Community and Government Services