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Documents required for Medical Travel

14 December 2017 

Public Service Announcement

Documents required for Medical Travel

The Department of Health would like to remind Nunavummiut of the documents required for clients on medical travel.

A valid health card is always required to access health services. If your health card is expired, or you need to apply for one, contact Nunavut Health Insurance Programs at 1-800-661-0833 or download an application from the Department of Health’s website here.

In addition, valid government-issued photo identification (ID) is required to check-in at airports and to board an airplane. Photo identification can be a:

  • driver’s license,
  • Nunavut general identification card,
  • passport,
  • Nexus card, or
  • firearms license.

If you do not have government-issued photo ID, you may use two (2) valid government-issued non-photo IDs, as long as one shows your name, date of birth and gender. For example, your Nunavut health card and birth certificate.

When travelling, children under the age of 12 are required to have a piece of identification, but they do not require a photo ID.

To request your Nunavut General Identification Card, visit your local Department of Economic Development and Transportation license office, hamlet office or Government Liaison Office in your community for help.


Media Contact:

Ron Wassink
Communications Specialist
Department of Health