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Fox in Pangnirtung tests positive for rabies

11 May 2015

Public Health Advisory 

Fox in Pangnirtung tests positive for rabies 

The Department of Health is advising Pangnirtung residents that a fox that interacted with several dogs in the community earlier this week has tested positive for rabies. 

Dogs, foxes and wolves can transmit rabies to people. If you have been bitten or scratched by a dog, a fox, a wolf or another animal, please go to the health centre and report the incident immediately. Treatment must be started quickly. 

If you see a fox or wolf wandering around the community, or if your dog has had contact with a fox or wolf, call the conservation officer immediately at 867-473-8937, the bylaw officer at 867-473-8415 or the regional environmental health officer at 867-473-2676. 

Rabies vaccinations (shots) for your dog are available from the lay vaccinator. 


Media Contact: 

Ron Wassink
Communications and Public Relations
Department of Health