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Foxes sighted in or near several Nunavut communities

10 November 2017 

Public Service Announcement

Foxes sighted in or near several Nunavut communities

The Department of Health is advising that there has been a significant increase in fox sightings in or near Nunavut communities.

Dogs and foxes can transmit rabies to people. Treatment must start quickly.

If you have been bitten or scratched, or had any contact with a fox, please go to the health center and report the incident immediately.

If you see a fox wandering around the community and acting strange, or if your dog has had contact with a fox, call the conservation officer immediately or the regional environmental health officer (EHO). The phone numbers for the EHOs are:

Kivalliq Region  645-8071

Baffin  Region‎     975 4817, or 975-4815

Kitikmeot Region 983-4009, or 983-5259

Children should not play with wild animals, and people should avoid wildlife that comes into the community.


Media Contact:

Ron Wassink  
Communications Specialist
Department of Health