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Pertussis outbreak in Nunavut is over

22 November 2017 

Public Health Advisory
Pertussis outbreak in Nunavut is over


The Department of Health is declaring that the pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak in Nunavut is
over. This was the second outbreak in the territory in the past year.
Whooping cough is a disease of the throat and lungs that spreads very easily from person to person.

Anyone can get whooping cough (pertussis), but the most severe cases are in children under the age
of one. If your child has a cough that is followed by a “whoop” sound, or has a high fever, or
vomits after coughing, see your health care provider immediately.

The Department of Health continues to stress the importance of routine immunizations, including
protecting against pertussis. Nunavummiut can check their immunization status at their local health
center. Immunizations are free.

You can take precautions to help stop the spread of germs and infections by:
•    frequently washing your hands,
•    coughing into your sleeve or tissue, and
•    not sharing food, drinks, utensils or toothbrushes.

For more information about Nunavut’s immunization program, please go to the Health’s website: or contact your local health center
or public health.
Media Contact:
Ron Wassink
Communications Specialist Department of Health