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Reminder of best practices for storing and aging meat

16 August 2017 

Public Service Announcement

Reminder of best practices for storing and aging meat Start Date: August 16, 2017

The Department of Health would like to remind Nunavummiut of best practices for storing and aging meat.

Botulism bacteria are naturally found in walrus, seal and sometimes whale. If aged meat isn’t prepared or stored in the correct environment, botulism bacteria can cause toxins to form. This can lead to sickness or even death.

When storing and preparing aged meat it’s important to:

  • Remove the stomach and intestines of seal, whale and walrus right after harvesting.
  • Store raw meat and fat in cold conditions (4°C or colder).
  • Age country food in a cool place that lets air in. Do not age meat in closed containers. Plastic containers and plastic bags should not be used to age country food.
  • Keep leftovers in a refrigerator.
  • Cook leftovers (like seal broth, seal stew) for at least 10 minutes before serving again.

If you are unsure if your meat is safe, or have any questions, please refer to the linked factsheet or contact your regional environmental health officer.


Media Contact:

Nadine Purdy
A/Manager of Communications
Department of Health