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Where do I get a fishing licence?

Non-NLCA Beneficiaries require a sport fishing licence to fish non-commercially in Nunavut. Beneficiaries of the NLCA do not require a sport fishing licence.

To acquire a Nunavut sport fishing licence, visit your local wildlife office. The cost of a licence in 2018-19 is as follows:

$10 + tax … NU Resident

$20 + tax … Canadian Resident

$40 + tax … Non-Resident


NU Resident / Canadian Resident over the age of 65 …. Free

Person under the age of 16 …. Free


3 day License … Canadian Resident  $15 + tax

3 day License … Non-Resident          $30 + tax

Non-NLCA Beneficiaries are not permitted to use a kakivak (traditional Inuit fishing spear) when sport fishing.