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Policy Development Program

What is the Policy Development Program?

The Government of Nunavut’s (GN) Policy Development Program is a specialized professional development program that supports Inuit Employment and the development of policy skills for GN employees. Increasing Inuit Employment in policy roles will support the development and delivery of policies and programs that are consistent with Inuit beliefs, customs, values and language.  The curriculum is based on Inuit societal values and the issues, structures and processes of the GN. This program combines dynamic and interactive training with many activities, discussions and exercises designed to build and strengthen participants’ policy skills.

What is the format of the Policy Development Program?

The Policy Development Program provides training for GN employees at three distinct levels (series):

  • Policy Foundations – 4 three-day modules
  • Policy Training – 3 three-day modules
  • Advanced Policy Training – 4 three-day modules

Who is eligible for each series?

  • Policy Foundations provides an opportunity for Inuit GN employees not currently working in the policy field to gain a better understanding of policy in the Nunavut context.
  • Policy Training is open to GN employees currently working in policy or a policy related field and to graduates of Policy Foundations. This series is designed to enhance employees’ existing policy skills.
  • Advanced Policy Training will assist participants with a minimum of two years of policy experience to take their training to a higher level.

Who delivers the training?

The program is delivered under contract with a qualified and experienced training company. Elders, Inuit leaders and GN subject matter experts are regularly invited as guest speakers.

When is the Policy Development Program offered?

Different series of the program are offered each year. Each series is listed on the GN Training Calendar and advertised internally to GN employees. 

For more information or to register for training opportunities, please visit the GN Training Calendar or email