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Sivumuaqatigiit Training Initiatives


The Government of Nunavut (GN) offers training initiatives for Inuit employees that will support them to develop successful careers in the GN, and assist GN departments to achieve their Inuit employment objectives. Both of these goals align with the purpose of Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement, which is to have a representative public service in Nunavut.

Amaaqtaarniq Education Program

Amaaqtaarniq Education Program sponsors long-term post-secondary education leave for Nunavut Inuit and wish to qualify for a profession in the GN that is not found in their home department.  The employee may participate in job shadowing of the position or career path in which they are interested, in order to learn more about it. 

Career Broadening Program

Career Broadening Program is designed to provide a broad range of job experience for Nunavut Inuit employees.  The program allows a participant to work in an area of their choice for up to twelve months per assignment and the participant can have up to three assignments.  Each assignment is based upon a learning plan and addresses the skills and knowledge the employee wishes to acquire.

Sivuliqtiksat Internship Program

Sivuliqtiksat is an on-the-job internship program designed to increase Inuit beneficiary representation in management level positions (director, manager, supervisor etc.) and specialist positions (unique to a department) in the Government of Nunavut.

Internships are usually 1 to 3 years in duration (depending on the position and the skill set and experience of the Intern) and are supported by a designated trainer for the internship period, a customized learning plan and group and individual training courses

Training Travel Fund

Training Travel Fund was set up to help pay for the travel costs of the Nunavut Inuit employees attending work related training outside their home communities.  The goal is to increase the number of Inuit employees taking job related training and the amount of training they access.  The department’s request reimbursement of travel costs and the applicants must demonstrate that the eligibility requirements have been met and provide evidence of travel expenses.


Other Training for Inuit Employees

The GN Training Calendar advertises additional training opportunities open to all employees.

To promote a representative workforce, the Emerging Leaders Series of the Hivuliqtikhanut Leadership Development Program and the Policy Foundations Series of the Policy Development Program are restricted to Nunavut Inuit GN employees.

GN departments and corporations offer additional internal training and employment initiatives for Inuit employees, outlined in their Inuit Employment Plans.