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Wellness Workshops

The Department of Human Resources’ Wellness Division in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association invites you to attend free wellness workshops.

All workshops are:

  • on MS Teams
  • 75 minutes long
  • start at noon eastern time
  • open to employees from all Government of Nunavut (GN) departments and public bodies

To attend one of these workshops, fill in and submit this expression of interest form at least one day before they begin.

Dealing with Transitions – Re-entry into Shared Workspaces – September 21, 2022

This workshop addresses potential or present anxiety around being with others, change in life, and lifestyle after working from home. This is an introductory session on helping employees deal with worry and anxiety in the ‘new normal’ of the workplace, COVID-19 and provides strategies to mitigate negative feelings.

Embracing Mental Health: Flourishing in the Workplace - October 12, 22

This workshop talks about the importance of mental health in our overall health, how to flourish in the workplace and what that means to the individual. It explores ideas on how workplaces can adapt to mental well-being.

Managing Stress in the Workplace - November 16, 22

In this workshop, we learn about how workplace stress can impact our mood, emotions and performance. Common signs and behaviours are described for employees to recognize how to decrease stress. Finally, the presentation works to equip participants with at least two coping strategies to reduce the impacts of unavoidable stress.

Strategies for Promoting Mental Wellness in the Workplace - December 14, 22

This workshop exemplifies the eight dimensions of wellness to promoting well-being at work by identifying need and action in each dimension. The presenters work to exemplify at least two positive adapting coping strategies and describe six work-related mismatches that can impact wellness at work.   

Building a Trauma-informed Workplace - January 18, 23

This workshop tries to define trauma including historical, systemic, collective, and vicarious trauma and explain the impact of trauma in the workplace. The presenter will discuss the five principles of trauma informed care and its importance in both personal and organizational communications and interactions. The presenter will also work to help participants identify two interventions to promote trauma informed approaches in the workplace and in turn, create healthier workplaces that promote mental wellness.

Challenging Stigma and Prioritizing mental Health in the Workplace - February 15, 23

This workshop tries to define the relationship between mental health, mental illness, and stigma.   There will be discussion on analyzing language and actions and their potential negative impacts on well-being with the goal of participants learning at least three strategies to decrease stigmatizing language and promote a stigma- free space.