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Inclusive Workplace

This course will focus on a deep understanding of diversity and inclusivity as catalysts for organizational success. Discussions will address what "diversity and inclusion" really mean and how they overlay on employees' and supervisors' role as a leader. Course content will also explore diversity drivers and dimensions, dimensions of cultural differences and communication challenges. Participants will be presented with the tools and techniques that will aid them in not only analyzing their own reactions to diversity but in understanding how to create and manage an inclusive workplace. Focus will also be directed on identifying and understanding unconscious biases in oneself and in others.

Learning Objectives:

  • What do Diversity and Inclusion mean?
  • Understanding the various elements of diversity (generational, culture, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disabilities and personalities)
  • Current trends and enviornmental situation on diversity
  • Understanding unconscious bias and increase self-awareness
  • Tools for creating and managing an inclusive workplace

Facilitator: University of Alberta School of Business, Executive Education division


Aularutaata Ublua: 
Wednesday, Maassi 15, 2017
Inirutaata Ublua: 
Thursday, Maassi 16, 2017
Hotel Arctic, Narwhal Suite
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Tuesday, Maassi 14, 2017
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Uuktuutit Titirqat

Inikhimayut uuktuutikhat qaritauyakkut piyukhauyut, tairuaguminaqtumik atiit titiraqlugu sainiutigilugulu havaktip havaktiplu atan’nguyaa. Tamaita atiliukhimayut hivulliutihimayut anggiktauhungnguyut kihimi inikhaiqqat kihiani.