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Nunavut History and Governance

Course Description:

A survey of the high points in Nunavut’s incredible history, this course is a primer in Nunavut

governance and culture, with strong emphasis on the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NLCA).

Ideal for new employees, it enables participants to better understand the structure of the

Government of Nunavut, as well as the functions of its departments and the roles of the

numerous boards, agencies, and other organizations created under the NLCA.

This course is customized to respond to the daily realities of the Nunavut workplace. Every

element of Nunavut History and Governance is designed specifically with the Inuit participant in

mind, including Nunavut-specific examples, guest presenters, group learning opportunities, and

evaluation methods that maximize the potential for successful learning.



Start Date: 
Tuesday, Nuvaipa 7, 2017
End Date: 
Wednesday, Nuvaipa 8, 2017
EIA Training Lab 1084 Aeroplex
Registration Deadline: 
Monday, Aktuupa 23, 2017
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Uuktuutit Titirqat

Inikhimayut uuktuutikhat qaritauyakkut piyukhauyut, tairuaguminaqtumik atiit titiraqlugu sainiutigilugulu havaktip havaktiplu atan’nguyaa. Tamaita atiliukhimayut hivulliutihimayut anggiktauhungnguyut kihimi inikhaiqqat kihiani.