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Training for Inuit Employees

New Sivumuaqatigiit Training Initiatives for Inuit Employees


The Government of Nunavut recently developed four new training initiatives for Inuit employees that will support them to develop successful careers in the GN, and assist GN Departments to achieve their Inuit employment objectives. Both these goals align with the purpose of Article 23 of the Nunavut Agreement, which is to have a representative public service in Nunavut.

The new programs are:

Amaaqtaarniq Education Program supports post-secondary education for Inuit employees who wish to work in specialized/hard to fill positions in the GN.  

Career Broadening Program supports on-the-job assignments for Inuit employees to develop the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the GN.  

Training Travel Fund pays for the travel costs of training outside an Inuit employee’s home community.

Policy Foundations Program is designed for individuals with an interest in learning about what’s involved in policy-making and exploring a career in public policy.


In addition to the new programs, the long-standing Sivuliqtiksat Internship Program is part of the Sivumuaqatigiit training initiatives for Inuit employees.