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Employee Orientation Program - Iqaluit

Employee Orientation Program

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer a one-day employee orientation workshop.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • History of Nunavut
  • Introduction to the Government of Nunavut
  • Sivumuaqatigiit Programs
  • Training Opportunities
  • Nunavut Employees Union
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Employee Relations
  • Risk Management and more


The objective of this workshop is to provide employees an opportunity to better understand services within the Government of Nunavut.   It is highly recommended that participants enroll in the Cultural Orientation Program offered consecutively after this course. 


All GN employees are welcome to register, but this course will be based on Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 9 -4:30 pm. 


If you are interested, please fill in the application form and register. Participants are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, and only a limited number of spots are available. 

Aularutaata Ublua: 
Tuesday, Januali 25, 2022
Inirutaata Ublua: 
Tuesday, Januali 25, 2022
Naunaittiarumaguvit, uqarvigilugu: 
Peter Autut
Atiliurniqmut umikvikhaa:: 
Monday, Januali 24, 2022
Qaritauyakkut Uqaqatigiumagukni: 

Uuktuutit Titirqat

Inikhimayut uuktuutikhat qaritauyakkut piyukhauyut, tairuaguminaqtumik atiit titiraqlugu sainiutigilugulu havaktip havaktiplu atan’nguyaa. Tamaita atiliukhimayut hivulliutihimayut anggiktauhungnguyut kihimi inikhaiqqat kihiani.