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Frequently Asked Questions - Suppliers

This section is intended to assist new or potential suppliers to the GN by providing basic information. If there are additional questions which are not addressed here, please let us know by contacting us.


What goods and services does the Government of Nunavut (GN) purchase?

The GN purchases a wide range of goods and services that are needed to deliver government programs to Nunavummiut and to maintain government operations. Typical purchases may include common items such as pens and paper through to specialized medical devices and heavy equipment.


Who purchases goods and services for the GN?

The Department of Community & Government Services (CGS) is the primary contract authority for the GN. In other words, CGS is responsible for setting the GN's contract policies, providing guidance and offering assistance to GN departments who need to secure goods and services.

Each department also has the ability to directly contract goods and services within the territory provided that the dollar value does not exceed $5,000. Such purchases are made standard form known as a Local Contract Authority (LCA). LCAs are typically used for small purchases such as office supplies.

In addition, responsibility for obtaining specialized services to meet the GN's legal, construction, insurance and real property lease requirements have been assigned to specific departments. For instance, the Department of Justice has responsibility for obtaining outside legal expertise, when required, due to the specialized nature of these requirements.

The Procurement, Logistics & Contract Support Division of CGS may be contacted for more specific information related to the goods and services that you offer. The division may be contacted via email at or by phoning (867)-975-5427.


How do I find out what the GN's current requirements are?

Suppliers who are interested in doing business with the GN should refer to the notification list of Requests for Proposals and Tenders at the following: As well, suppliers are encouraged to monitor local and northern newspapers for additional opportunities.


Is there a preference for suppliers based in Nunavut?

The GN is committed to encouraging Inuit and northern businesses. It does this by providing favourable adjustments based on suppliers' ownership, residency and location when evaluating responses to Requests for Proposals and Tenders. This is in agreement with the GN's incentive policy called 'Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti (NNI) which has been in place since 2000. The GN's NNI policy is available here:


What does NNI mean and where can I find more information?

NNI stands for Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti which is the GN's policy to encourage Inuit and northern businesses.

A comprehensive review of the NNI policy in 2003 recommended that an NNI Secretariat be established to provide follow-up and training on the NNI policy and to ensure consistency of application and reporting. The Secretariat can assist with questions you may have regarding the NNI policy and its application. The Executive Coordinator may be contacted at (867)-975-7835.


Who do I contact for additional information on the GN's contracting practices?

CGS is the primary contract authority for the GN and has responsibility for setting contracting policies and procedures. The Procurement, Logistics &Contract Support division of CGS provides expertise and support to other GN departments when obtaining needed goods and services.


Where can I send information concerning the services that I provide?

The Procurement, Logisticts & Contracting Support Division of CGS has dedicated buyers and specialized expertise and market knowledge to address the GN's requirement for goods and services. In order to bring your products to their attention, you may contact the Division directly.

Given the volume these buyers deal with daily, there is no guarentee that you will receive a response to a general inquiry. However, your information will be maintained along with that of other suppliers for future reference.

In addition, suppliers are encouraged to monitor the local and northern newspapers for Expressions of Invitation which are issued on occasion to obtain further information about the market and potential suppliers.


Contact Us:

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