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Long-term Care Centre: Rankin Inlet


New Long-term Care Centre in Rankin Inlet

Planning and design is underway for a new, 24-bed long-term care centre in Rankin Inlet. 

In 2014, Health initiated a needs assessment of long-term care (LTC) in Nunavut. The needs assessment focused on LTC for seniors with chronic physical or cognitive disability or illness, excluding mental health or addictions treatments. The needs assessment confirmed that the continuing care system in Nunavut is beyond capacity and does not meet the needs of Nunavummiut. 

Nunavummiut care for their elderly family members who have complex needs, chronic illness, or disabilities, as best as they can in often overcrowded homes. Home-care support is provided where available; however, the caregiving process can be lengthy and demanding. When it is no longer feasible to receive care at home, individuals are assessed and wait for care to be provided in Nunavut or out-of-territory. The Kivalliq Region is in urgent need of new longterm care beds. 

The facility and all that it entails must be reflective of and responsive to the culture, values, history, and traditions of Nunavummiut in general, and Inuit specifically. It is also a model that provides for ageing in place in a safe place. It is intended that the facility design invoke a strong sense of pride. Culture must be both recognized and celebrated within and by the physical structure as well as in day-to-day activities. This can be achieved, for example, through cultural activities and provision of appropriate country foods. 

It is intended that the new facility will be designated to provide both Level 2 and Level 3 assisted living residential care as well as Level 4 and/or Level 5 care for those individuals with more complex needs, such as dementia, when the program delivery matures. (See diagram) The dementia journey varies from person to person, and the aim is to provide specialized support and care through this journey at this facility, as the program matures. Families and caregivers will be care partners and involved in the day-to-day life of residents where possible. Family members will be welcomed and encouraged to be active participants in their family member’s care. 

The new Long-term Care Centre demonstrates Health’s commitments to providing a high level of care to Nunavummiut who require ongoing supports in their homes, supportive living arrangements or 24/7 access to nurses and supportive care. Models of care and associated building design(s) have changed dramatically in the last two decades. In most jurisdictions, long-term care has moved to a model which is dramatically more resident-focused or person-centered with a home-like atmosphere instead of the institutional or medical model.

Construction is set to begin next summer. The link below provides the detailed design information on this important project.

Design Information