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Teacher / Principal Certification and Salary Placement

The Nunavut Educators Certification Service (NECS) is responsible for the certification and salary evaluation of all Nunavut Teachers’ Association (NTA) members in Nunavut. Key responsibilities include:

  • Teacher Certification
  • Renewal of expiring teaching certificates (Teacher Recertification)
  • Issuing Statements of Professional Standing
  • Salary Evaluation and Re-evaluation
  • Salary Appeals
  • Principal Certification


Teacher Certification


Certificates are issued based on the qualifications of each educator. Different types of certificates allow educators to teach different subjects and grades. If you are teaching in a Nunavut school, you must hold a valid Nunavut Teaching Certificate.


Most newly hired educators who hold a Bachelor of Education degree need to complete the Application for Interim Professional or Standard Teaching Certificate. If this form does not seem to apply to your situation, please contact


Teacher Recertification


If your teaching certificate is about to expire, it is your responsibility to renew it.


If you currently hold an Interim Professional Teaching Certificate, you need to complete the Application for Professional Teaching Certificate.


If you currently hold a Professional Teaching Certificate, you need to complete the Application for Renewal of Professional or Standard Teaching Certificate.


If you currently hold a different type of teaching certificate, please contact


The application form may indicate that you need to submit a Professional Development Log or a fee.


Statements of Professional Standing


The Nunavut Educators’ Certification Service also issues Statements of Professional Standing (SOPS) for former Nunavut teachers who are in the process of obtaining certification in another jurisdiction.


You can request a Statement of Professional Standing by submitting the application form  and the fee to


Salary Evaluation and Re-evaluation


The Nunavut Educators' Certification Service is responsible for initial salary placement and  salary re-evaluation based on newly acquired credentials. Your initial salary placement will be evaluated after you have completed the certification process.


An educator may request a salary re-evaluation after they have taken completed additional academic coursework. Please note that only credit courses completed at a recognized college or university are acceptable. To request a Salary Re-evaluation, submit the application form to


Salary Appeals


A teacher may, in writing to the Registrar, request a review of a decision of their placement on the salary level. On receiving a request the Registrar shall forward the request and all relevant material in his or her possession to the chairperson of the Nunavut Educators' Qualification Service.


The Nunavut Educators' Qualification Service shall review the salary appeal and shall, as soon as practicable after the receipt of the information, confirm or vary the decision of the Registrar. The chairperson shall advise the Registrar, in writing, of the decision made and provide written reasons. The Registrar shall provide to the teacher the written decision of the Nunavut Educator Qualification Service. The decision of the Nunavut Educator Qualification Service is final.


To request a salary appeal, submit the Salary Appeal form to


Principal Certification


In addition to a Nunavut teaching certificate, school leaders (principals and vice-principals) in Nunavut must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility as Principal in Nunavut within three years of the start date of their principal or vice-principal job offer. The training required to obtain this certificate provides opportunities to learn about leadership in Nunavut through theory and practical application.


The current requirements are completing two courses (ED 5090 and ED 5110) from the Certificate in Educational Leadership in Nunavut (CELN) program.


  • Foundations of Transformational Leadership in Nunavut Education (ED 5090)
    This course reviews Inuit history and its worldview, emphasizing on culture, educational history, struggles with power and privilege, beliefs, values, and principles relevant to Nunavut. Traditional and contemporary views on leadership are studied as participants develop a deeper understanding of the cultural context in which they live and work as educational leaders. Participants examine the direction and philosophies established in Nunavut, including ties to the environment and practices that facilitate transformational educational leadership.

  • Proactive Instructional Leadership in Nunavut Communities (ED 5110)
    The responsibilities, roles, and tasks of principals and other educational leaders are explored as they relate to the creation of a positive, inclusive, collaborative, and culturally responsive school community. The role of leadership in teaching, learning and, building positive relationships, both in and outside school, is examined as a key factor in facilitating the academic achievement and well-being of learners. A variety of culturally appropriate facilitation strategies are introduced as participants analyze the legal, moral, ethical, and policy rights of learners and educators to maintain and strengthen culture and language and promote success in schools, the local community, and the world beyond.


The full 5-course Certificate in Educational Leadership in Nunavut is earned by completing coursework focused on school leadership in Nunavut, and the priorities of the Nunavut education system, as outlined in the department’s Annual Plan. This program is offered in partnership with the University of Prince Edward Island.


School leaders are contacted automatically by the CELN Program Manager within Educator Development to apply for the required courses. For more information, consult the CELN Program Outline or contact


Educators are responsible for notifying the Registrar at once they have completed the required courses and arranging for a transcript to be submitted.


If your Certificate of Eligibility as Principal is about to expire, it is your responsibility to renew it by submitting the application form, PD Log, and fee to