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Government of Nunavut launches firearm safety campaign

24 November 2022

Public Service Announcement

Government of Nunavut launches firearm safety campaign

The Community Justice division of the Department of Justice is working to decrease injuries and incidents involving firearms through its Qukiutiliritsiarniq Nunavummi – Firearm Safety Nunavut campaign.

This educational campaign promotes awareness and encourage the safe use, handling, and storage of firearms in Nunavut. Through this campaign, resources will be distributed to promote safety and decrease injuries and incidents involving firearms.

The campaign emphasises on strengthening existing firearm safety educational courses and addressing the gaps in accessing these courses.

In partnership with the Firearm Safety Office, Embrace Life Council, Community Justice Outreach Workers, Departments of Health and Education and the Pirurvik Centre, firearms safety awareness activities will be offered, such as:  

  • Possession and acquisition licence (PAL) course in Pangnirtung;
  • Distribution of educational and promotional material throughout Nunavut;  
  • Firearm Safety Awareness Drawing Contest in schools in Pangnirtung;
  • Community events and discussions, in partnership with RCMP and local justice stakeholders;

Trigger locks distribution, in partnership with Firearm Safety Office, throughout Nunavut.

For more information regarding Qukiutiliritsiarniq Nunavummi, please contact


Media Contact:

Isabelle Gingras
Policy and Communications Analyst
Department of Justice