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Justice of the Peace Appointments

21 June 2018

Public Service Announcement 

Justice of the Peace Appointments 

The Department of Justice is pleased to announce the appointment of a new full time Justice of the Peace in Iqaluit, and new Community Justices of the Peace in Arviat, Baker Lake, and Cambridge Bay: 

Full time Justice of the Peace: 

  • Joseph Murdoch-Flowers, Iqaluit 

Community Justices of the Peace: 

  • Brian Aglukark, Arviat; 
  • Charlie Tautuajuk, Baker Lake; and 
  • Martina Maniyogina, Cambridge Bay. 

Justices of the Peace have a very important role in Nunavut’s justice system. As part of the courts, they can preside over first appearances, bail hearings, summary convictions, guilty pleas, and hearings relating to municipal by-laws and selected criminal matters. They can also issue warrants and summonses, and carry out various public duties, such as conducting marriage ceremonies. 

The specific duties each Justice of the Peace can perform depends on their experience, training and educational background. 


Media Contact: 

Matilda Madekufamba 
Policy and Communications Analyst 
Department of Justice