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05 October 2012 
Iqaluit Airport Improvement Project Moves Forward - Companies Shortlisted for Next Phase
20 September 2012 
Governments of Canada and Nunavut Demonstrate How Commitment to Public-Private Partnerships Benefits the Territory
10 July 2012 
Economic Development & Transportation and Environment Explore Sustainable Access to Country Food
29 June 2012 
RFQ issued for Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project
28 June 2012 
Government, Inuit Organizations Moving Forward Together
18 June 2012 
GN strengthens the Nunavut Development Corporation Board
15 June 2012 
GN and Government of Greenland celebrate renewal of scheduled flights between the two regions
14 June 2012 
Applications for aviation scholarships open; First Air becomes the newest program partner
14 June 2012 
Government of Nunavut’s Actions Towards Food Security
06 June 2012 
GN announces Uranium Policy Statement