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17 November 2009 
Agreement between Nunavut and the District of West Vancouver will bring mutual benefits
05 November 2009 
The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is coming to Nunavut
22 July 2009 
New Brand Authenticates Nunavut Arts and Crafts
21 July 2009 
Nunavut joins Vancouver 2010 Team as a contributing Territory
18 June 2009 
Economic Development & Transportation supports Fur Design students
23 April 2009 
Nunavut’s new Driver’s Licence wins International Award
15 April 2009 
Minister Peter Taptuna's speech to mining delegates in Vancouver
08 April 2009 
Government of Canada and Nunavut Launch Flexible and Innovative Growing Forward Programs for Harvesters
14 January 2009 
New Funding for Artists
10 December 2008 
New Driver's Licence and General Identification Card