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07 April 2014
Canada’s Gas Tax Fund supports local infrastructure priorities throughout Nunavut.
01 April 2014
Tell us how you’re celebrating Nunavut’s 15th anniversary for a chance to win an iPad, iPod, or a box of country food!
27 March 2014
Nunavut’s pediatric complex care team received the Connected Care Award at an awards ceremony in Ottawa this week for its work on optimizing health services to children with complex needs.
24 March 2014
With an unexpected resignation, Premier Peter Taptuna today announced changes to the Government of Nunavut’s senior level of staffing, effective immediately.
24 March 2014
Minister George Kuksuk today announced changes to the leadership of the Nunavut Housing Corporation (NHC) board of directors, designating Mr. Bob Leonard of Arviat, as chair.
21 March 2014
Premier Peter Taptuna joined Education Minister Paul Quassa in announcing the introduction of updated, standardized curriculum and resources and new literacy and assessment frameworks that aim to improve the current education system.
20 March 2014
20 March 2014
The Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy partners today announced a one-year extension to the first phase of the Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan.
20 March 2014
The Government of Nunavut’s mandate for this term of government.
18 March 2014
Jeannie Ugyuk, Minister of Family Services released the following statement.