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Fuel Tax Rebate Program

FTR – Harvesters, Outfitters, Tourism Operators, and Quarrying

This program allows individuals to obtain a fuel tax rebate for fuel oil or liquid petroleum gas consumed in vehicles engaged in off-road activities. These vehicles include snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), boat motors, motorcycles and licensed vehicles. To qualify the fuel must have been purchased in Nunavut and been subject to tax under the Petroleum Products Tax Act. Taxes paid on fuel used for personal or recreational use are not eligible for a rebate.

Application for Fuel Tax Rebate – Harvesters, Tourism Operators, and Persons Quarrying Carvers' Rock

Fuel Tax Rebate Program Guidelines - Harvesters, Outfitters, Tourism Operators and Quarrying

FTR - Mineral Exploration

Every person or entity who is engaged in mineral exploration may be eligible for a fuel tax rebate on fuel used in unlicensed machinery, equipment and registered snowmobiles and ATV’s used in mineral exploration. The rebate applies to fuel purchased and consumed on and after April 1, 2006. To be eligible:

The applicant must have a current Prospecting License, and
The fuel must have been purchased in Nunavut or have been imported into the territory as per section 3, 4 and 5 of Petroleum Products Tax Act (Nunavut).

 Fuel Tax Rebate Report 2012-13 and 2013-14

Fuel Tax Rebate Report 2014-15 and 2015-16

Changes to the Fuel Tax Rebate