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Early Childhood Education Inuit Language and Culture funding 
(Applications due March 31st of every year)


Understanding Nunavut's Child Day Care Regulations: A manual for early childhood programs

Understanding Nunavut's Child Day Care Regulations: A manual for early childhood programs(Full Document)

Table of Contents

General information

Section 1: Definitions

Section 2: Licenses

Section 3: Registry of Child Day Care Facilities

Section 4: License Denied, Suspended or Revoked and Appeals

Section 5: Legal Duties of Operators

Section 6: Administrative Duties of Operators

Section 7: Facility Requirements

Section 8: Daily Program Requirements

Section 9: Behaviour Policies and Expectations

Section 10: Meals, Snacks and Menus

Section 11: Parental Involvement

Section 12: Sanitary Standards

Section 13: Administering Medicine to a Child

Section 14: Immunization, Illness and Communicable Diseases

Section 15: Protecting Children from Hazards

Section 16: Emergency Equipment and Procedures

Section 17: Operator and Staff Requirements

Section 18: Criminal Record Checks

Section 19: Care and Supervision of Children

Section 20: Files for Staff and Operators


Important Documents

Nunavut Child Day Care Act

Nunavut Child Day Care Act Regulations


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