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If you are a teacher or student in Nunavut looking for information on the environment and would like to have a trained conservation officer, biologist or other environment specialist visit your classroom, Read More…
Commercial fishers and harvesters can get assistance with subsidies for the cost of transporting their products to markets outside of Nunavut. Read More...
The Commission scolaire francophone du Nunavut (CSFN) was created in August 2004 with a mandate to offer educational services to the francophone community of Nunavut. Read more...
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
Here is a list of the Government of Nunavut's communications contacts.
Economic Development and Transportation
If you want your community of non-governmental organization to excel, then check out this program.
Community Engagement Support Program
Economic Development and Transportation
Get engaged, check out the Community Engagement Support Program
The Community Justice Program has the responsibility to promote community justice, family abuse intervention and victim services development, including the promotion and establishment of programs to prevent crime within communities, through greater community participation and control. Read more…
Economic Development and Transportation
Learn how to better promote your community and culture to tourists.
Economic Development and Transportation
This program helps communities fund all-weather, seasonal roads or trails to nearby resources. Click here for more information.
Economic Development and Transportation
The funds available through this program will support projects that help Nunavummiut meet their basic food needs by improving their access to affordable, healthy country food. Read more...