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Culture and Heritage
Elders and Youth is responsible for programs that support Elders and youth throughout Nunavut. Program activities include the delivery of training workshops and the provision of grants and contributions that support community-based Elder and youth programs, and elder and youth committees. Click here to find out more information!
Elections Nunavut
Community and Government Services
Emergency Search and Rescue assists communities and qualified organizations with emergency search and rescue funding. To learn more about Emergency Search and Rescue funding, Read More…
Employee and Family Assistance is designed to assist Government of Nunavut employees and their families maintain and/or improve their overall well-being.
Family Services
Need help with a resume or finding a job? Want to learn about education and training options? Your community Career Development office will provide you information and support to get you where you want to go.
If you are proposing development on land in Nunavut, you will need an Environmental Assessment (EA) review by the Environmental Assessment and Land Use program. To learn about this program or how to get a permit, Read More…
There are many things in the environment that can affect your health. Read more…
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
Information, statistics, facts and links about Nunavut.
If you are looking for assistance or information regarding the enforcement or collection of monies related to child support, please contact the manager of the family support office at Court Services. Read more…
Family Services
Counseling, support, and shelters for victims of family violence are arranged by your Community Social Services Worker. In an emergency, call your local RCMP detachment. Women and children can go directly to a shelter. Read More...