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If you have an idea for a project that may strengthen, develop, and diversify Nunavut’s fishing industry, you can apply for financial assistance under the Fisheries Development and Diversification Program. Read More…
Are you looking for information about fishing regulations in Nunavut? You’ll find everything you need to know here. Read More…
Family Services
The Department of Family Services approves and oversees foster homes in Nunavut. Children stay in foster care until their own home is safe or the Department of Family Services can find them a permanent home.
If you are a harvester and would like help to market and sell your furs at competitive prices, Read More…
Economic Development and Transportation
Application for a general identification card can be found here:
Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs
A Government Liaison Office is the public’s central point-of-contact with our government. Access all government services by calling or visiting your GLO at their offices listed here. Read more…
Culture and Heritage
For assistance with Culture and Heritage Grant and Contribution applications:
Family Services
The Department of Family Services offers guardianship services to help protect adult Nunavummiut who – as determined by the Nunavut Court of Justice – require a guardian to make decisions on their behalf. Read More...
Find out how to contact your local health centre or public health facility. Read more…
The Department of Health offers insurance programs to help Nunavummiut pay the costs of insured medical treatment, prescription drugs, medical supplies and medical travel. Read more…